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A fun and interactive space where you can  access short  online photography lessons and receive personalised feedback on your work. 

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Renphotosclub is a fun way to learn about photography from wherever you are. These beginner online photography lessons in the form of short videos help you to implement photography tips to improve your photography no matter what camera you are using. From mobile phones to DSLR’s to the latest mirrorless technology. There are tutorials that can be used with all of them. A small monthly subscription fee of R50.00 per month gives you :

  • Access videos at your own pace and in your own time. 
  • Send your images in to receive feedback on your work
  • continue to apply and practice your skills and improve
  • meet other photographers in online discussions and competitions 
Fun & Easy

short easy to follow video tutorials that you can apply immediately with given exercises and homework 

Available Anywhere

Access tutorials anywhere you are on mobile or desktop . videos are short and small sized so do not require large amounts of data

Human Reviews

see testimonials from real people who have used this service in the past and have had fun learning photography skills.

personal feedback

personalised feedback when you send your work in for review. The more you practice the exercises and send your work in the more you will benefit

Why Learn Photography?

These days Photography is used in all aspects both professionally and as a hobby. If you are looking to have a stronger professional profile appearance then Learning simple tips and tricks to help you make better photographs can give you an edge in your professional capacity. Or on a personal level if you don’t know how to use whatever camera you have on hand it can be frustrating. By applying these simple methods to your photography you can easily improve and never miss those magical moments of your children , pets or holidays. 

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Learn From a Professional Photographer

with personalised feedback

romaen tiffin ptofessional photographer

Romaen is a professional photographer with over 10 years experience in all types of photography. You can see more of her work on her photography website. She is based in Utrecht Netherlands and offers group and one on one lessons locally. But online photography lessons tips and advice are available worldwide These short photography lessons will help you to improve your photos no matter what camera you are using, from mobile phones to slr or mirrorless. The videos include exercises to help you improve your photography techniques. you will receive personalised feedback on your work helping you to continually improve.