6 quick tips to improve your photography

6 tips to improve your photography

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These days we all take photos regularly with our mobile phones. So why cant we all shoot like pros? Most think you need to have the best camera equipment to take better photos. But this is a bit like saying you need the top of the range oven to make good biscuits. Its not the equipment that makes the photo. It is the photographer. That said Everyone wants a way to be able to improve their photography fast so here are 6 tips to improve your photography during lockdown even with a mobile phone as your only camera. No manual settings are required to do this either.

I took these photos on a Huawei P30 lite in my garden during lockdown all on auto settings so this is definitely possible for you to do . Here is the short video with the images I have taken for the project. I hope you enjoy it :).

Improve your photography with these quick tips

This just proves that you dont need to go out and buy the latest digital camera to start taking good photos. As long as you know what to look for in your photos you can start to improve today just by using your mobile phone. We have plenty more free tutorials for you to view and continue to learn photography basics with. Check out the online tutorials page to get started.

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