Control movement in Photography | Shutter Speed

control movement in photography

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Learning to control movement in photography is a big step in improving your photography. But to do so you need to understand some manual settings and how they work . To control movement in particular you need to understand shutter speed. This can be done even with a mobile phone if it has manual settings. But this does vary from phone to phone so is not guaranteed. All DSLR cameras should have manual settings as an option.

How to control movement in photography using shutter speed

Once you understand how to control movement you will be able to really get creative with how you photograph. Its also important to remember the relationship between slower and faster shutter speeds and exposure, or the amount of light you are letting in to your camera.

This is a more advanced setting where you may start to struggle a bit. If you are then consider signing up to receive personalised feedback where you are struggling and I can work with you one on one with these areas. You can sign up here for monthly or yearly membership.

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