4 methods on How to Blur your background

how to blur your background

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Have you ever wondered how photographers really make their subject stand out in their photos? Making your viewer really focus on what you want them to see is at the heart of photography. One way to do this is to blur the background behind your subject so there is nothing distracting the viewer and they can see exactly what they are supposed to be looking at. But this begs the question how to blur your background? Especially if you dont have a big fancy camera ? Well the good news is you don’t need the latest DSLR or mirrorless to make a blurry background. In fact you can do this with just a mobile phone using the techniques in this video .

How to Blur your background using only a mobile phone on auto settings

It is important to remember that in some instances you arent actually blurring the background and you are in fact magnifying it . But for the most part the end appearance has the same effect and you want to draw your viewer to what you want them to see so focus is very important with this.

If for some reason you cant blur your background then you should try this video on background awareness and using simple backgrounds in your pictures. If you would like some insiration on images using blurred backgound as a technique to really make their subject stand out try this link. Blurred background inspiration

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