Introduction to photography backlight

introduction to photography backlight

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Backlighting in photography can make really beautiful photos but it takes time and practice to learn how to do this properly . This introduction to photography backlight will get you started, letting you know what backlight is, some of the challenges you will face and the solutions to overcome them. There is also a short intro to fill flash and how you can use this when you need to add detail in your photos. This is a really neat trick to learn and one of the tips that has helped me the most . As a pro photographer having perfect light is often not possible.

An introduction to photography backlight short video

As a portrait photographer I use backlight in most of my photography so this is definitely a must learn to get the same look in your portraits. Always remember that getting the basics right is the cornerstone of improving your photography. So I hope you enjoy this lesson and it will help you to start to improve.

If you arent convinced that backlight and lens flare can really change the look of your photos then check out this post for some backlit photo inspiration. For more great lighting photography tutorials you can follow more videos in the basic lighting blog category on this website.

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