Leading Lines photography Lesson

leading lines photography lesson

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Leading lines can be a very simple yet powerful composition element in your photographs if you know how to use this properly. This Leading Lines photography lesson shows you some examples to help you understand what leading lines are . It also shows you what best practices are and how to get the most out of using leading lines in your photography. You can use this tutorial with any camera, even a mobile phone, it is easy to use. So I hope you enjoy :).

How to get the most from your Leading Lines Photography Lesson

The best way to get the most from these photography lessons is to practice practice practice. If you are signed up as a paying member (its only 50 rand a month) then you can also have personalised feedback from me on your photos. This will help you to improve where you are struggling and really start to see a difference.

Composition is an important element in photography to master as it can drastically improve your images no matter what camera you are using. Follow along with other videos in the basic composition series . If you want to try this tutorial out but are feeling a bit stuck for ideas and would like to see some great leading lines photos from other photographers you can check out this link for leading lines in photography inspiration.

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